Beth Elder

Gambier, OH

While Beth did not grow up on a farm, she fondly remembers working outside in her mother's garden as a child. Beth has since worked on numerous farms but moved to her current home, just outside of downtown Gambier,  so she could have her own land to grow vegetables and raise chickens. Beth enjoys living close enough to Gambier that she can work at Middle Ground, the only coffee house in town.  Beth enjoys coming home to  the company of her pet dog, Susan, cats, Peter and Lucy, and a chicken named Ferrel. Susan, Peter, and Lucy are named after characters from The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe - her favorite book - while  Ferrell is named after one of her co-workers at Middle Ground.  “Chickens are hilarious,” she says, explaining that each chicken has a different personality.  Beth's love of agriculture, hospitality, and adventure in Ohio  have inspired her to save money for her next adventure,  moving to Ireland  and opening a youth hostel.